How the WilCo Funding Portal Helps Entrepreneurs

The WilCo Funding Portal was born out of a need to offer start-up businesses and entrepreneurs in Williamson County an additional resource for finding funds and assistance in growing their businesses. Economic development incentives can be very helpful for all sizes of businesses. But often, smaller start-ups need other ways to generate funds. Williamson County development professionals saw an opportunity for a crowdfunding website as a way to provide entrepreneurs access to needed capital. Crowdfunding is the concept that allows companies to access desired funds by leveraging small contributions from a larger number of parties, maximizing smaller contributions to generate needed capital to grow. The initial development of the WilCo Funding Portal was paid for by community partners within the County, including the cities of Cedar Park, Georgetown and Round Rock. The Texas Entrepreneur Network manages the portal, and as more entrepreneurs use it to access funds, the site will become self-sustaining. This is ground-breaking new source for business capital development.

What Makes the WilCo Funding Portal So Unique?

All of the projects seeking funding through this portal must be located in, or move to, Williamson County to receive funds. That makes this the first "hyper-local" crowdfunding site in the State of Texas. While most of the entrepreneurs utilizing the portal are already located in the county, the funding can also be used as a tool to attract new business.

Visit the Wilco Funding Portal at the below link to find out if this crowd funding avenue might be right for your growing business.